Books to Love: 01 / by Kate Brightbill


Our bookshelves are packed. I'm REALLY good at donating toys, passing all the clothing hand-me-downs in the right direction, and purging excess... except when it comes to books. Books we collect and it's hard to let them go. I was a reader as a child, and it makes me SO happy to see that my kids are loving books the way I have. 


Our bookshelf holds a ton of paperbacks, because let's be honest: you get the most bang for your buck! As Sophie has become a more advanced reader in first grade, the goal is quantity vs. quality in this particular scenario. Before we were accumulating the $2 books through book orders, she had basically memorized all of the books at her reading level.

We've begun a solid collection of the inexpensive paperbacks, and will continue to add to that, BUT we also want to purchase stories for the ages. We love the kind that will stand up to wear and tear, and have the scrawled childhood names of my kids in their first page, and will be read to the next generation as well. 

While Sophie is a great reader, the majority of our books are still being read aloud by Brian and me. I have read my fair share of terribly dull stories, so a huge bonus to loving the book is keeping it entertaining for parents AND kids. 

Here are our January picks for each of my kiddos:

Maggie 1. Mix it Up > this is the sequel to Press Here. Both are brilliant and I recommend them as the perfect gift for preschool ages (2-5 year olds). Mix it up is a fantastic book that asks kids to interact with the pages and "mix colors" with their fingers or hands and even by physically shaking the book. I would have absolutely loved to have this book as a child. Maggie is particularly in love with it, and she has memorized the words so that she can "read" it to herself at quiet time regularly.

Sophie 2. The True Story of The Three Little Pigs > We've had this one for awhile (I may have recommended it before), but it ended up in the back of the shelf and we hadn't read it in ages. I heard Brian laughing from the other room recently, and went in and he was reading this story to the girls. I actually sat in and listened because it really is entertaining, and I love hearing my girls giggle. "All the wolf wanted was a cup of SUGAR!" followed by a shriek of laughter. Sophie can read it herself now-- probably best for 5-7 year olds, and she does because it's a good one (also, we have it in hardcover and will keep it forever, but it's only $6 in paperback now if you prefer). 

Jack 3. Trains Go > The illustrations in this book are GORGEOUS. I love them so much that I actually looked into finding prints of the trains inside for Jack's bedroom, but so far no luck. The book does not have many words, but it has train sounds and Jack has been really enjoying it. I actually set Jack on his boppy pillow for tummy time on my bed as I get ready in the morning, and I set this book in front of him for him to enjoy the pictures as I quickly get dressed for the day. It honestly looks hilarious to have him "reading" books at 4 months, but he seems to love it, so I'll keep doing it! ;) 

There you have them: January book picks for kids! SO many more book picks to come this year. :)


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