I love San Francisco. I love the culture, the sights, the people, and even the hills! It seems that since I'm such a homer, it's only appropriate that I list my guide to the city for anyone who needs recommendations around here. Just click on the neighborhoods to see what we're loving in each area! It will be a constantly evolving list, my friends. There are so many neighborhoods, so little time! Take a look:

StyleSmaller Neighborhood Guide #embarcadero


Home to the best farmer's market, the cutest little stands with fresh goods, the most picturesque bike path, the exploratorium... One of the few places in the city that the locals and tourists BOTH consider a worthwhile visit any day of the week.

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StyleSmaller Neighborhood Guide #hayesvalley #sanfrancisco


Hayes Valley is another favorite spot. It's central and close to everything {including great public transportation!}, there's shopping, food, a square for the kiddos to play, and fabulous ice cream... what more could we ask?

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StyleSmaller Neighborhood Guide #marina #sanfrancisco


My grandpa was a sailor and parked his boat in the marina, so my childhood has fond memories of foggy mornings taking the boat out for a day on the water. For the prettiest walks by the water, great shopping, and arguably the best burger options, go to the marina. 

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StyleSmaller Neighborhood Guide #mission #sanfrancisco


The mission is a fantastic mix of new and old, locals and newbies, plenty of boutique shopping, hole-in-the-wall favorites, and fancy foodie wonderland. If none of that appeals, it's worth visiting the mission for their coffee shops alone. ;)

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StyleSmaller Neighborhood Guide #northbeach #sanfrancisco


We love North Beach. It's always pretty busy, full of charming little cafes and shops, and home to some of our favorite places to grab dinner- with kids and without!

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StyleSmaller Neighborhood Guide #seacliff #sanfrancisco


The views around here are some of the best in the city. The cliffs, the bridge, the beaches... all of the above are here. All worth a visit. 

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StyleSmaller Neighborhood Guide #russianhill #sanfrancisco


There is a theme here: hills. The hills are worth their climbs in gold. There are great spots to eat, ice cream, cable cars, hidden lookouts, and gorgeous homes. Views of the bay and city from almost every block.

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StyleSmaller Neighborhood Guide #sunset #sanfrancisco


We love the beach. We love when it's warm, and we love when it's icy cold with a thick layer of fog, and our coziest jackets. We love running around on the sand, and having s'mores by bonfires. This beach is a favorite... the zoo is also in the sunset, so my kids love it there!

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