A Room for BABY! by Kate Brightbill



I've never been this ready to have a baby before! Emotionally, physically, mentally, AND now: logistically! He has a finished room!! Things are organized! It's kind of unbelievable in the best way. 

We were crazy enough to move two weeks before Sophie came on the scene (moving boxes everywhere as I was adjusting to my firstborn! yikes!), and we lived in a one-bedroom when Maggie was born, so her "nursery" was a mini crib in our bedroom. Cozy, yes we were! I've never felt our baby's space was truly ready for them before they came though, so this is a total novelty.

This time around we have an actual SPACE for our little boy, it's not a closet room, and it's not shared. It's the biggest deal to us. I've been able to nest and prep slowly and surely, and enjoy the "design" process immensely. Re-decorating is my favorite thing in the world, so this has been a labor of SO much love. 

ABC Print by Hanna Andersson

The rest of our home is whitewashed, as they say. I'm generally so partial to bright, light, white! Because of this, I was ready to take a risk in our baby's small room and paint it deep deep blue/green. I cannot even describe how nervous I was. It's just paint! Yes. It's just paint... but my husband is not a fan of painting, and I know that painting over deep colors would not be happening anytime soon if we didn't like the color. I painstakingly chose on my own after going back and forth on several shades. All of my options I found online, and sometimes screen colors and real life colors don't translate, so I was especially nervous. After two coats and a few things on the walls, my nerves calmed, and now I love it. 

I'm not so into dark woodwork, but we are tenants, and there are limits. ;) I'm just thankful for a wonderful landlord and that he lets us paint at all. 

Green Canvas Bucket c/o Maika Goods (similar) Knitted Taxi Rattle c/o Estella NYC ||ABC Backpack || Tee || Wall Hooks

One wall is entirely cabinets. We kept toys in this room before baby was on his way, and simply consolidated and purged to keep them in the girls' closet instead. The storage in the wooden cabinets is definitely sufficient for the time being. I'm an OCD organizer, which comes in handy with small spaces. Down the road I may need to share my closet with him for hanging items, but we'll cross that bridge when we need to. I'm totally fine with sharing. ;) All of the baby clothing is easily folded or rolled into size-appropriate baskets on shelves hidden by doors for now. 

The chair is a knockoff steal from Amazon. It doesn't look like much, but somehow during pregnancy it has been the MOST comfy for me. Hoping that carries through post-pregnancy days. It was really the only size of rocking chair that would fit in the small room, so I didn't have much of an option, but we're SO happy with it. I may add a pouf or small footstool to get myself reeeeally settled in. The basket was a gift from my sister and I love it to bits, and the rug- oh the rug... my favorite. The girls and I just sit on it sometimes, to chat and soak in the softness. 

The string of light balls in the window are Bright Lab Lights, and they cast a gorgeous soft night glow when it's dark out. They'll be perfect for middle of the night nursing sessions. Mine is a custom string I assembled at an event-- the custom option is also available online, or you can just buy a pre-strung version in great color options.

I don't have space for a changing table, but as I mentioned- Maggie's setup was a mini crib in our bedroom-- I grew accustomed to simply using a changing mat and moving it around the house as needed. Less is more here, so we're happy to be going with that strategy again.  


Lion Print and (similar) stacking toy by Hanna Andersson ||

Trains purchased in a set on Amazon


Mobile is a DIY using trick gliders from Seedling || Hanna Andersson makes the nicest crib sheets around- they have great patterns, but I preferred white in this particular space || Sophie the Giraffe is Hanna Andersson || Jellycat Fox is a gift for baby from his big sisters who want to play with it almost daily || Frames are by Blick, and they're my favorites-- I have them all over the house because they're reasonably priced and hold up SO much better than Ikea || Tiny Golden Gate is from Petit Collage || German license plate is nostalgic from when Brian and I were young and crazy and bought a car in Germany. || Crib is Pottery Barn Kids- classic & handed down

Brian had ONE BIG REQUEST in baby's room, and he said if I can do that, he's perfectly fine with me designing everything else. He wanted a Steph Curry poster on the wall. He didn't need it to be giant, but he said it couldn't just be in an irrelevant space. HA! Wish granted, Brian. Over the crib it is. If you look closely, you'll see he's dominating Lebron in this particular shot. We drink alllllll the Warrior's kool-aid around her, friends. By the end of basketball season, we were THIS close to letting Sophie purchase the tackiest pennant available with cartoon faces of all the GSW team for her wall in her room. Brian was actually the one who nixed it in the end. I was like, well it means SHE LOVES THE WARRIORS... yes she does, but yes, I'm glad one of her parents is sensible sometimes.


Gorgeous cable throw and SOFTEST rug ever, both Hanna Andersson. My favorite pieces in the room, hands down. I want both for my own room too. ;) 

We are counting down the days until we see our baby's face! I'm trying to remind myself that just because our girls arrived early (4&9 days), it does not mean our baby boy will! Reasoning with myself is totally futile-- I'm convinced he'll be here sooner than later. I had a night full of serious-breath-taking contractions last weekend, and I was juuust about to tap Brian to tell him it was go-time, and they stopped. Abruptly. UGH. 

So now my bag is packed (!!!), and the day is coming. His room is ready and so are we! And so are these teeny tiny shoes that showed up on our doorstep today-- Eeee! SO CUTE. Boys apparel is so underrated! I'm loving every tiny boy piece. :)

Shoes c/o  Umi Shoes  || Rug c/o  Hanna Andersson

Shoes c/o Umi Shoes || Rug c/o Hanna Andersson


So thankful to Hanna Andersson for collaborating with us on our baby's room. Product was provided, and all opinions are my own. I am floored by the quality of each piece, and we will all be enjoying the space SO much more because of the beautiful Hanna pieces. Affiliate links are also included in the post. Thank you for supporting the brands that support us! xx

Currently Loving: Hanna Andersson by Kate Brightbill

purple hannas.jpg

Last night, I was thrilled to co-host the pre-opening event for Hanna Andersson in Corte Madera. The store is GORGEOUS, from the outside to every tiny detail inside. I definitely shouldn't have expected any different, considering their beautiful website. ;) The new store is having the BEST weekend deals, so if you're a local, GO! Snag some goods for the kids or the home!! 

Hanna is one of those brands that is really loved by the whole family (I'll show you in a few weeks how our baby boy is going to be loving his Hanna! Eeee, so excited!). The fabrics are soft and wash PERFECTLY. Hanna stands behind their products and allow lifetime returns because they guarantee good quality for every piece. With so many brands opting for 30 day strict return policies, this in itself is a breath of fresh air.

My budget was happy that I didn't bring the girls-- they literally would have wanted everything in the girls' section! Plenty of kitty and fox prints that they would fall in love with, cozy and practical pieces that have that extra special something to make them appealing for kids too (like a great neutral cargo jacket for school, made extra special with stars and a pink patch! SO cute!). I could not step away from the accessories sections: knee highs with dots and stripes! crocheted necklaces, or shiny heart necklaces (like my friend picked up for her daughter-- doesn't get much cuter!). Their sweaters and colors are brilliant- everything a kid could want for their fall wardrobes. 

StyleSmaller || @hanna #ilovemyhannas
StyleSmaller || @hanna

If you're not local, you can still shop your heart out-- online! I found my favorites for my kiddos (BELOW) -- soooo much cuteness, so much quality, and not too serious... Just like childhood products should be!! 

StyleSmaller || @hanna #ilovemyhannas

ABC Print | Pink Beanie | Dot Knee-highs

SweaterKitty Purse | Beanie

Striped Knee-highsClogs | Backpack

And one more picture of this kiddo that I absolutely adore... she sampled both of her dotty socks in one day because she's four, and making wardrobe changes is the story of our life, ha!:

Happy Friday!! xoxox

Cozy Kids: Socks & Tights by Kate Brightbill

Last week, I sent Sophie to school in her red chucks and no socks-- the few pair she had were in the laundry, and matching socks is not my forte. 

She came out of her school at pickup with her beaming smile, but she hugged me... then immediately informed me that her feet hurt because she didn't have socks. Ah. Time to do laundry, and probably provide more than three pair of socks for these girls. 

I love the look of socks on kids. Their feet are so small and adorable, and they can match bright colored knee-highs with skirts, they can wear socks high with sneakers, and they can wear socks with flats or mary-janes. Socks and cozy tights always seem to be a good idea in the fall. Ahhh the fall. The sweet, sweet season of fall...

Happy Sock Shopping to all!  


Weekly Shop Favorite 02 by Kate Brightbill

Photo by  Pictilio .  Mini Baggu  Pictured.

Photo by Pictilio. Mini Baggu Pictured.

Oh heyyy, is it already Monday?? Mondays are the day I talk about... my shop favorites! 

Up for shop favorite this week are Baggu bags. I stock the medium and the mini in my shop. I lovvve the mini {pictured above} for picnic basics, lunches on the go, and the corner store runs particularly. 

The standard size I use for everything. I first found these bags when I was planning a family reunion for - literally a potential of 110 people on my dad's side of the family {he is one of 14, so- as you may imagine - our family is enormous}. I put together baskets in the hotels for each family of things they may like to use during our three days, and included these Baggu bags in different colors and prints and everyone used them everywhere- shopping, hiking, lunching, etc.! Beach trips? Perfect for sand toys because you get home, you can just shake 'em out. Swim class? We load them with the wet suits and towels to toss in the laundry as soon as we get home. We love Baggu.

They fold into squares, stuff in the purse, and save the day time after time, so I'll be stocking them for a loooonnnnng time. :) More favorites below!

Standard Baggus: $9, Mini Baggus: $7

Weekly Shop Favorite 01 by Kate Brightbill

Picture from my Instagram! Follow  @stylesmaller   @shopstylesmaller

Picture from my Instagram! Follow @stylesmaller @shopstylesmaller

Okay, so here's my new Monday series: favorites from my Shop, why I picked them for the shop, and how we love them around here. 

First up! Tattly Animal Drivers set. Here's why I want them in the shop: they're good for boys AND girls, they LAST {about two weeks if they're in a spot away from the hands that get washed constantly}, and they're perfect for kids' parties! I ordered tattlys for Maggie's 2nd birthday party {which probably my favorite kid party I've thrown because it was so simple and entirely FUN!}, and used them to stick on the kiddos and bring smiles, and/or the kids can take 'em home with them in their goodie bags. Ah, goodie bags. Sophie insists that every single party we throw requires goodie bags, and I cannot justify buying tiny plastic bits and pieces and noisemakers that moms will be dying to throw away asap. It's fun to fill them with snacks {healthy-ish ones?}, stickers, and tattoos! Ps. these are veggie dyed with no toxins! 

Maggie calls them stamps. I just call them fun.

Snag them over HERE.

Check out all the temporary tattoos we're loving & selling below! 

Happy Monday! 


Smaller Style: Barrettes by Kate Brightbill

photo by  Pictilio

photo by Pictilio


I feel like Maggie has mastered the art of using of her baby blues to get whatever she wants. 

Style Smaller-2014 April-0009 (1).jpg

Pictilio took all these beautiful pictures of my Maggie girl. I love Pictilio. 

So- in other news- my shop has been opened almost a couple months, and I've been able to sample a few of the products... we hit the jackpot with these barrettes, my friends. My kids have crazy wispy and straight hair that is inconsolable with the average bobby pins. The pins have created a scenario where I can actually see both sets of their beautiful blue eyes daily, for the entire day without having to adjust every ten minutes. I love doubling them and mixing and matching color.  

Snag those barrettes HERE! {also in pink / yellow / turquoise}.