We're Wintery by Kate Brightbill

All photos by  Pictilio

All photos by Pictilio

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So. Here's the question: are you getting excited for Christmas yet? WE ARE. 

I mean really. We're singing carols around the house, eating our weight in sweets, and rocking the beanies and cozy hats everywhere we go... because it's "winter" and kids are only tiny once and tiny kids are adorable in colorful hats. 

We're headed for snow (A white Christmas maybe? The east has been getting so many snow days), and I'm ready for it. I'm ready to lay low, and eat a lot of potato chips with dip only found at my in-law's house, give gifts, and be merry. We're already merry, but there's a bit of a cherry on top when no one is working and we're all together. 

Zara Hat

Maggie's outfit: Zara beanie & Sweater // Hand-me-down leggings & boots (similar here and here)

Photos by Pictilio.

Maggie is my little winter baby. I was scrolling through pictures of the kiddos, because naturally after spending every waking hour with them, they go to sleep and I miss their faces, and somehow these wintery pictures landed beside each other, and I love them all together. Also, she spends more of her days with giant smiles or giant tears {the life of a 2-year old is incredibly emotional}-- or running around so fast that all we get is a blur of a photo, so it's also remarkable that she looks like such a serious child in all of these, ha! 

Photo by  Indu Huynh

Photo by Indu Huynh

Photo by  Blink Inc .

Photo by Blink Inc.

Scarf by  Peppercorn Kids



Loving & Linking by Kate Brightbill

I know this is super late, but I wasn't going to let another week go without some links. It was another great December weekend, jam-packed and full of good memories, so I spent my spare time crashing on the couch rather than linking. Good choice, I'd say, because we're all still getting links... and they're good ones. ;)

Photo via  F  oodess

Photo via Foodess

Sweet cranberries that are soooo pretty... also, getting bored of my own soup recipes so I'll definitely try this soon.

Do I really need to know that a dish with this much sugary deliciousness can be prepared neatly in the comfort and warmth of my own home? Nope, but I want to make it anyway. ;)

Love this wrapping idea.

This blog that makes it look awesome to live in the snow.

Beautifully written and spot-on.

Similarly raw and honest and refreshing post.

Haha, the Facebook "don'ts".

Oooh, found an online source for the sparkly candles from Sophie's birthday I found in a tiny city shop, so now we can all put them on every birthday cake...

Cutest & coziest looking slippers are on sale for $35 now! Gotta love the December sales.

Favorite pin this week. So charming. {I'm into the braided crowns}. 


Happy Monday! Stay warm out there. 



Don't Forget to Order... by Kate Brightbill

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Minted Cards

Don't forget to order your Christmas cards from Minted!! If you can get your orders in today, you can have them to your house by the 19th. Seriously.

Do you feel like you need more time? They can overnight your orders! Order New Year's cards! So many options, and almost all of them have the option of reading "Merry Christmas," "Happy Holidays," and "Happy New Year," so you can work with the cards to personalize.

Here's what I do every year: I say, "oh Minted is offering to address my envelopes for me, including return address for just a couple extra dollars? Eh, it's okay, I'll do it myself because it's more personal."

Yesterday I was paying for that decision. Remember when I said I'd have my Christmas cards out December 1st? Nope. I used my poor, out-of-shape hand to write each individual card. I teased Sophie while I was doing it, saying "Sophie next year you get to do all of these!" and she laughed and said "no way mommy. That's too many letters!" I've been driving us all a bit nuts around here trying to get these out the door. Anyway, most of them are in the mailbox now, and I think most are legible enough to get where they need to go, and a little hand cramping never hurt anyone. Also, I'm not addressing them in the airport, which is an improvement from one year that I actually thought that was a brilliant idea. 

All this to say: Get your cards from Minted asap, then do yourself a favor and enter your friends' addresses in the system because that's wayyy easier. Also, watch my video that I made about Minted cards and see my kids' favs...  

Happy Friday! 

Minted provided cards for review. All opinions are mine.

Best Gift: For a Couple by Kate Brightbill

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Sometimes you just need a gift that's outside the box. I'm REALLY excited about THIS gift under our tree from RedEnvelope. It is... dundunduuuunn: 

Dining Table Tennis.

I don't know what made me think I needed to spend $$$ to get a pingpong table in order to get a good game going. This is genius... it's $30 best gift for couples can actually use on the regular. It's like buying a date, buying a gym membership, and buying a pingpong table all at once. HA!

Seriously though, we're loving it. We kind of got it as a gift for someone else for Christmas, but after testing it, we may need to buy a second set for them...

Pingpong Tourney
Table PingPong
RedEnvelope Table PingPong
PingPong Tourney
RedEnvelope Dining Table Tennis

All photos courtesy of the incredible Pictilio.

All table tennis pieces wrapped with ribbon in one beautiful red box courtesy of RedEnvelope.

All opinions legitimately courtesy of me.



Gift Guide: For the Kiddos by Kate Brightbill

Gift guide season is nearly over, and we're saving a couple of the best gift guides for last: kids! I asked some shop and blogger friends to help share their favorites again, so be sure to visit their sites to get inspiration! 

For the Men // For the Ladies // Shop Small // Shop Local // Party Planning

Kiddos Gift Guide.jpg

Happy Shopping! Are you guys almost done? I'm about halfway through, but really I just have to click a few buttons and finish my orders. I lovvve gifting. Brian and I get so excited about it, particularly when we think we got exactly what someone really wants. I have a love/hate with wrapping. It takes me awhile to be motivated to sit and wrap, but once I do, I love it. We have sparkly gold for a few gifts that we used as a table runner for Sophie's birthday party, and it miraculously didn't get dirty at all! It's the pretty paper that is motivating me to get it done sooner rather than later! 

So today is the day. Finishing the ordering and completing the wrapping. I love Christmastime. xoxo.


Bundle Up by Kate Brightbill

Perfect dress courtesy of  ShopBelle : the shop for the loveliest fancy dresses around!

Perfect dress courtesy of ShopBelle: the shop for the loveliest fancy dresses around!

077Delighted&StyleSmaller- Induhuynh.jpg
079Delighted&StyleSmaller- Induhuynh.jpg

This is a good, old fashioned kid's style post for you. I'm bringing style posts back into rotation on the regular now, mark my words. Did you know this blog started because I thought kids' style is just the cutest? They can pull off the BEST outfits and beam a little smile over at a camera, and voila! A beautiful moment captured. Love it.


Photo: Indu Huynh for Delighted Magazine

Dress: ShopBelle // Hat: Zara // Jacket: Gap hand me down; similar here.