Puddle Jumping / by Katie Brightbill


Last night, I promised Sophie that when she woke up in the morning we'd go outside and eat breakfast and she could ride her bike as we took a walk... Then I woke up to rain. Lots and lots of cold rain. The whole idea sounded a lot less awesome, obviously, but when you promise your kids something, you have to deliver.

Thankfully, her gramma & papa had just gotten brand new rain boots for her, and she's on restriction from wearing dresses and skirts (when she throws tantrums the most effective form of punishment is to require her to wear jeans for a week), so it all panned out perfectly. By the time we were all bundled and outside, the rain had stopped, so it really panned out perfectly. Maggie had some worn-in chucks and she wore them in quite a bit more. She was dancing in an enormous puddle and Sophie took running starts to splash the dirty water everywhere. Perfection. They brought their favorite ducks to swim while they played, of course.


Being a kid is so great.