Monday through Friday / by Katie Brightbill


This Friday isn't as exciting as most because my husband plans to work this weekend, whompwhommmp... but somehow Fridays always still get cred for being awesome just because of their name.

This week I took a lot of pictures. I always do, but usually my Rebel is away unless it's some special occasion and all my pics are with my iphone. This week, I brought the Rebel everywhere and my poor children were subjected to a camera in their face at all times. It was reeeally fun, and it makes the week look so much prettier in photos, but I can't keep it up for my kids' sake... "okay, look up riiiigght NOW..." and "stop having fun for ONE second and then I'll be done!"

I got these pink shoes from Urban the other day for $10. They are so so cute, but they are score zero on comfort. Sophie informed me when we were leaving for the park the other day that my park shoes are not cute and I should wear the pink ones instead. I'm already embarrassing my children with my style and they aren't even in school. Good news is that I agree that new flats are in order, just not ones that will require an evening foot massage every time I wear them. Maybe I should go big-time and spend $20. ;)

The toy of the week around here was the Honest box/boat. Maggie is so fearless about things, so she'll just dive right in head first to get in the boat. Soph makes little contraptions so that she can pull strings (aka my robe belts) through to make them pull-able. That box has gotten so much play-time this week and I think we might make a low little boat out of it so it's a tiny bit safer. I did cut hearts out of the box and attach them to headbands for Valentines for friends, so it's definitely getting good use.

In other news, the pacifiers- that I have somehow consistently kept track of- have been disappearing like crazy this week. We had a looong search at naps yesterday, and then at night another one. I was about to take a cranky trip to the store muttering about how I'm losing my mind when Sophie said "oh! I know! It's in my purse in my bike!" And indeed it was. She had packed it. See, so there is a reason the pacifiers disappear on the regular.

Now I have for you some favorite things of the week around this great world wide web... why is it so fun to say world wide web? I don't even know.

PS.. that little crafty headband under the "Friday" category is a slice of craftiness for you on the Honest blog today. Go over HERE and see the other little ideas I have for your Valentines. XO


We are SO close to the cutest holiday of the year, so let's get ourselves some links to get in the spirit:


1. Pink & Red shoes for a little Valentine.2. Pom Pom Flowers spotted (with a 10% discount) on A Subtle Revelry. 3. Multiple Choice Valentine Card. Perfect. 4. Recipe for heart waffle sandwiches (and a hello apparel sweatshirt that I love)! 5. Pretty two-tone leather clutch on sale... 6. Green tights with hearts for little girls just like mine. :)

Happy Weekend!