Mama Profile: Jeanne Chan of Shop Sweet Things / by Katie Brightbill

Jeanne Chan is a San Francisco based blogger with background in interior and retail design... and it shows. Her style at home and in beauty are impeccable, and she has been featured on the Glitter GuideGap StyldBy, Rue Magazine and Refinery29, to name a few. We are delighted to share a bit about the fabulous Jeanne for you today. Be sure to visit her beautiful blog Shop Sweet Things as well!


What are your favorite characteristics of your daughters? 

My oldest daughter is 2.5 years old and she has so much character right now! It's really hard to pinpoint my favorite. She's pretty silly and makes me laugh all the time. I suppose I really like that she's starting to have her own opinion now. We are actually communicating through words and sentences which is pretty amazing. My one-month-old daughter is just a snuggle bug. She's too young to develop any distinct characteristics, but she does love being cradled and recognizes my voice from a distance, so that makes me really happy.


What motivated you to start your blog?

After I had my first daughter, I really wanted to stay home with her, but also wanted to find work I could do from home. I started researching the types of things I could do and that's when I learned about blogs and blogging as a business. It was completely new to me, but I was inspired by all the blogs out there, particularly those with a design and lifestyle focus.

What was your line of work before you started your blog? Was it a difficult decision to quit your job when you had children?

I was in the retail and interior design industry for 10 years before I started blogging. I began with sales and then went into visual merchandising and operations. From Banana Republic to French Connection to Louis Vuitton, I loved it all (especially with all the employee discounts and perks). When it was time to move on from the retail life, I looked into other opportunities that were fashion/design related. It was through referrals that I landed administrative positions in a few interior companies including textiles, furnishings, and interior design (Tucker and Marks). It was a perfect transition since I've always loved interior design and it was wonderful that I was able to get into that field. I wouldn't say it was difficult to quit my job because I've always loved entrepreneurship. It was the perfect opportunity to start something on my own. I would say the only challenge to quitting my job is making things work financially, especially with a growing family.


What has been the most exciting opportunity or collaboration you've had since becoming a blogger?

Being in the Target Inner Circle has been one of the most exciting opportunities. It's a selected group of online influencers that get to collaborate with Target exclusively on creative content for the blog and other social media platforms. I am so honored to be a part of this because I've always admired Target's brilliant marketing and business model and to be able to work with them on this level is like a dream come true for a blogger.

How do you balance your work and motherhood?

Before I had my second daughter, I tried to have a 10a-6p work schedule. Now that I have a newborn again, having a specific schedule is just not going to work. I have to be very flexible with when I can work and I try not to beat myself up too much if I can't get something out on time. I do, however, try to reserve my Fridays and weekends to be with them.

What is the best part of the day for you?

The best part of the day has to be when my husband gets home from his job and we all get to spend family time together. With the kids' early bedtime and my husband getting home late from work, we really only have 1-2 hours a day to spend as a family, so I really look forward to it.


What is your style uniform?

Unless I have a special event or occasion, my style uniform is pretty laid back. I love an oversized chambray button down with skinny jeans or leggings. I either wear it with my oxfords, loafers or a pair of classic sneakers. Lately, I'm in love with my Superga sneakers. I'm a tote bag girl, so I either throw in a pretty graphic canvas tote or a simple black leather tote. I never leave my house without touching up my eyebrows and my blush.

What are your favorite places to shop for yourself and your girls?

For myself, I do enjoy hitting the everyday stores like H&MTargetGapMadewellJ.Crew and Zara. When I feel like checking out more unique and splurge-worthy labels, I love visiting shops like Steven AlanScotch & SodaUnionmadeMill Mercantile, and Barney's. For my kids, I love doing their shopping at Gap and H&M. They're so young right now and they outgrow their clothes so fast, so I like to stick with these two brands - one for their high styles, and two for their wallet-friendly prices. Once in a while I do splurge on specialty labels and organic handmade products I often find online.

Do you have any tips for new bloggers?

Having blogged for just two years, I still consider myself pretty new. I think running a blog these days takes more than just creating content. Not only do you need to be original and have an authentic voice, but you also need to know how to market yourself and use different social media platforms to maximize your exposure. And don't use social media just to self-promote. Use them to connect and support other bloggers and brands you really admire. One motto I learned recently is "promote yourself once, promote others twice."


How's that for a little Monday beauty and inspiration? I want to go clean and redesign my home right about now. Thanks so much Jeanne!

XOXO, Kate & Erin

Photo Credits: Glitter GuideRefinery 29Traci Griffin Photography, and Jeanne Chan