Maggie Girl / by Katie Brightbill


Both of my girls woke at 8:30 this morning... yes, you got that right. 8:30. This does not happen at my house. They're 7-7:30 wakers every single day. It was amazing. I stayed in bed like any good procrastinator should, cuddled in heavy blankets and thinking about life and thankfulness, and about how timely this surprising little quiet morning was for me.

It is the best thing in the world to be a stay-at-home-mother. It really is. It's also insanely exhausting in a way I could never really explain. There are little lives dependent on me to keep them fed, warm, entertained, safe... every moment of every day! By the time I sit in the evenings, I can barely move. It's kind of amazing really. I'm only 30, but my muscles actually get sore from playing all day. True story.

Maggie is really the culprit (Sophie seems pretty mellow these days). She is a burst of sunshine everywhere she goes. I mean, burst. She rolled over at 5.5 weeks old, and that should have been an early indication. She's pretty obedient, but man she moves!! She also climbs, opens doors, moves furniture so she can reach anything, and if I turn my head- no exaggeration- five seconds from her, she'll have run off and be making mischief somewhere. This week I've caught her on the dining room table, grabbing knives out of the SINK (using her kid chair as a stool), and eating chocolate chips she hunted down at 9am.

But she is also the sweetest. You can see it all over her face... those sweet eyelashes and pink mouth don't lie. She's as gentle as can be, and smiles & giggles She adores jackets and shoes more than a 17-month-old should, but she basically follows and adores her big sister in every way, so I have a good idea where she gets her wardrobe opinions... if I give her just a sweater to wear, she'll point to a coat. When we're just hanging around the house, she'll get her pretty shoes and bring them to me and point to her feet.


I always thought I would have a family with three boys. I was such a tomboy as a kid, I figured I'd have no girls... or maybe two boys & a girl. Never did I imagine I'd have two girls who are as girly as can be.

And never did I imagine it would be this good.



(Janie & Jack hat, Old Navy shoes & coat, Gap jeans)