Life / by Katie Brightbill


Last week was really about love. My husband worked plenty, but when Valentine's day came around, he came home early with darling gifts for his three girls. We had a sweet little family dinner where we all told one another what we loved about each other. Maggie just sat and smiled and made us all laugh every couple minutes. We've never gone out for Valentine's day because well... crowds and overpriced food doesn't compare to steaks on our grill and bread with olive oil and vinegar, and the headache of finding babysitting seems a bit unnecessary. He always decides to out-do himself and spoil me, even though we always say we'll be simple about the whole thing. I tried creating my own little card for him (using the photo above by the ever-so-talented Pictilio), but it ended up looking a bit more crafty and a bit less professional... next time I'll get it like a classic Hallmark card... either way, it was a beautiful holiday.

The week itself had some ups & downs. Maggie got a bit of rugburn on her nose from falling down a few stairs, alarmingly enough... we got some good rest... and some not so good rest. Who knew Maggie was attached enough to her giant pink octopus that leaving it at her gramma & papa's house one day resulted in a night of me singing soft lullabies until my voice was hoarse and my mind was fuzzy? Who also knew that when Brian went to eat a calzone for lunch, our vehicle would be smushed to a month of repairs? BUT, who knew there were still beautiful, honest individuals who stay and take responsibility for hitting cars these days? You win some and you lose some.

Our eyes were collectively glazed over in sleepiness most days, and then we came to this gorgeous Do you guys find that whenever you're right at that breaking point, where you basically can't move... that's when the holiday just shows right up on the calendar? It's amazing how the timing coincides so perfectly.

SO, you may have noticed that it's Monday and I'm doing Friday's life post.. yes, it's true! I have no real reason, except that it's a national holiday today, so "I do what I want" today. Actually, all weekend. It's been such a true, refreshing break to put that phone down for the weekend and take a real break from everything except what's right in front of me.

More links Friday. Hope you got some rest in honor of the dear presidents of this country today!