Hello Weekend / by Katie Brightbill

Today Sophie woke up sassy and independent. She put on her favorite turquoise dress and black sparkle leggings rather than a standard ballet uniform, (over)packed a bag full of anything she could possibly need, and we bused it to ballet class. She appreciated one of her classmates noticing the sparkle on her dress and her tights, and sang a song I've never heard with the words "I'm an original" and tested every boundary we've set for her.

Sometimes I'm okay with days like this. It's not awesome throughout, perhaps, but really- as a mother, it's very easy to be sidetracked and distracted... days like this keep us on our toes. They say my child is a real girl with real opinions and she needs me right now. She needs me to be attentive to her opinions and direct her communication and maintain those boundaries. It's exhausting, but now that both girls are sweetly sleeping with angel faces in cozy beds, I'm grateful for the reminder that a testy child can give me to stay focused. I'm also grateful for the persistant little sunshine of our house that is Maggie girl (and yes, I know terrible twos are right around her corner...).

But really... we went on a date- first to Delfina, then to see Ben Folds last night at the Warfield, so what do I have to complain about? We also had sunshine and upper 60's all week, and did some exploring, and ate strawberry lemonade gelato. I mean... I've always thought myself to be a fall person, but I'm rethinking it.

Anyway, happy weekend to us all. And root hard for the good guys on Sunday!!! 49er LOVE. And here is an excess of pictures... xoxox, Kate