Bookish Small Style / by Katie Brightbill


My children are in love with reading. It makes me so happy. They'll sit with a pile of books almost every day before naps, and read their little hearts out. I've caught Sophie with all her dolls and animals in a semi-circle around her as she reads her books and shows the pictures. Maggie gets a little quiet time in her crib every day with a pile of board books and she sits with them on her lap and turns the pages. It's the most adorable thing ever. When I was a kid, I loved books so much that my brother & sister used to say that I would have the kids that would spend all their time reading books like me (because isn't every child identical to their parents?), and it mortified me because it meant I was a straight-up nerd kid... but I couldn't help it... I really, really liked books.


All that said, what they predicted might just be true... and I might just be very happy about it. Let's be honest: the nerd look is actually pretty darn adorable. Floods, chucks, cardigan and bookish scarf? Perfect. Hopefully it goes along with good grades in their futures.

And hey, tomorrow is Valentine's day. Let's throw in the best little hairclip ever: Sweetheart Clip by Hello Shiso (my favorite of all hair accessory brands).


What are our favorite books around here, you ask?


1. Curious George. We got a six-pack of George one day for like $4 and it has paid off in excess. We read these books like none other. Sweet & entertaining for any pre-schooler.

2. Dumbo. Sophie is a very big fan of Dumbo. She requests to watch it on Netflix and holds her book on her lap, turning pages as the events occur on screen. If you ask what her favorite book is, right now it's all Dumbo.

3. This is Not My Hat. This is my personal favorite. It's about a small fish stealing a hat from a big fish and let me just say, I laugh every time.

4.You Are My Cupcake. Maggie's personal pick. It's the first book she ever loved, and we all (S included) love reading it to her, affectionately saying "Maggie you're my mushy little pea" or "my chubby little pumpkin" as we turn pages.

5. Llama Llama Books. Maggie said "llama" as one of her first words... my favorite version is Red Pajamas. I like reading books that rhyme to the girls.

6. Pat the Bunny. Honestly one of the best books of all time. I wrote a post about it, that's how much I love it.

"Read on, my little ones," that's all I have to say about that.

Photo Credit for all photos of Sophie goes entirely to the talented Manus Chau Photography.

PS. I'd love suggestions for more good kid's books, by the way. Feel free to leave a comment with your recommendations!