Neon & Graphic / by Katie Brightbill

I'm a pretty big fan of the neon trend that's still going pretty strong in 2013. I thought for sure we'd be totally over it after the overdoses from last summer, but now that the deep, dark colors of the holidays are over, I'm ready for brightness in bulk. I just love the fearless cheeriness that it brings to any outfit, especially for little kids.

So make it happen... here you go:
Step 1: grab a basic tank for a silly little girl like mine (or boy!), Step 2: stock up on neon jeans in all the colors (when they're on sale, of course), and Step 3: add a sweater with some neutral graphics, gingham or dots... your kid is comfortable & stylin' all at once.

The pink also kind of says a good little hello to February and hearts and lovely little notes (psss. have I mentioned February is one of my favorite months? I looovvve Valentine's season).