Mama Profile: Caitlin of SugarSnaps / by Katie Brightbill

Caitlin is a friend who started her photography business- SugarSnaps - less than a year ago, and she has been booked solid since! She manages to spend most of her days with her kids, while running her successful business on the side... looking beautiful doing it all! 

What motivated you to start your own photography business? 
My kids' cute faces! I've always loved photography, but it was taken to the next level when my husband got me my first DSLR after Keelyn was born. Keelyn became a part of a modeling agency in San Francisco and I decided I wasn't about to pay for her headshots to be taken by someone else. It motivated me to dive into learning the ins and outs of shooting in manual mode, and to learn how to use Photoshop!

What has been your most exciting business opportunity? 
Right now I'm most excited that we're starting to book and prep for weddings! It's also such an encouragement that I started my business less than a year ago, and I've received such warm response and support from people. It's allowed me to expand from photographing only children to having shoots with graduates, head shots, and now weddings.

How do you balance your work and motherhood?
When I started, I did everything during nap time and when my kids went to sleep. Now business is so busy that I am able to hire a nanny twice a week (she is amazing & worth every penny!). I also hired a lovely assistant to create all my props for photo shoots with her crafty skills. I find that for me it's best to hire people and have set hours to do my own work, so that I'm not trying to get everything done while chasing my kids.

What are your favorite characteristics of your kids? 
Lincoln (3) is all boy and I love that about him! I'm also a big fan of his curly locks-- they make for good pictures! Keelyn (1) is a mama's girl. I love our sweet, quiet moments, and I love that she's a good snuggler.

What is your favorite time of the day?
Bathtime! My kids love their evening baths. No matter how cranky or sick they may be during the day, they are alway happy in their bathtub.

What are some good photography tips for beginners?
Get the guts to take your camera off auto mode! If you have any kind of DSLR, putting the dial on the "P" setting (programme mode) or the "A" setting (Aperture priority mode) will dramatically increase the quality of your photos. Also, if you want to do a photo shoot with kids, dress comfortably! During our shoots, I'll jump around and lay down in the dirt to get the best possible shots.

Visit SugarSnaps to see her amazing work. You can follow her on instagram @_sugarsnaps_ and on facebook ! 

Thanks Cait!


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