Make it: Avocado Sandwiches / by Katie Brightbill

For the most part, we're pretty healthy eaters around here. The holidays totally get us off track, and then right after the holidays, we watch post-season football and eat heart attack food, go out for like 7 friends' birthdays that are all consecutively in January, run around, and because of the hurried lifestyle, end up eating frozen food rather than fresh. All of these things have contributed to a lack of nutrition around here, but this week we're going back to being healthy(ish... I mean, if someone offers a burrito to me, by all means...).

Fruit, veggies, fresh food for dinner. This week's mantra. It definitely means more work for me... BUT I want to tell you my family's favorite meal that does not make for extra work. We've had variations for snacks, lunch, and dinner (a dinner that I was totally unmotivated- not a regular thing!), and my children cannot get enough. Clean plates, begging for more... it's the avocado sandwich. 

If you guys are big on avocados in your house (which you should be! They're sooo good for you!), try one of these under-five-minutes-to-make sandwiches:

1. Avocado. Tomato. Bread (we like grainy fiber ones). My kids L-O-V-E it. The bread isn't dry because it's coated in avocado, and they don't even need salt and pepper like I do. I made it for lunch today and they ate 1.5 sandwiches each.

2. Avocado. Tomato. Alfalfa Sprouts. Bread. This is my go-to because I love that extra little crunch. I don't give my kids sprouts because Sophie thinks they taste like grass, and Maggie is too little for them.

3. Avocado. Tomato. Cheese. Alfalfa Sprouts, Egg. Bread (pictured above). This is my husband's favorite. Mine too, but I skip the egg out of laziness if he's not home. I actually put two eggs on his because he likes his protein. Melt the cheese a little on the bread, be sure to salt & pepper it, and you're good to go! It's honestly so, so delicious. We used to go eat brunch every weekend, but now that we have two kids, we've gotten out of that habit. This sandwich is the type of thing we ordered over and over from our old cafe, and only now I'm realizing how cheap & simple it is to make! Sooo good. ;)

Get yourselves some avocados and bread and get healthy!!