Life / by Katie Brightbill

Today I'll get personal for ya... fevers are a total draaag. I thought croup was bad, but a baby that feels like a furnace and is shivering like a leaf 4-5 times throughout the day, and sniffling her little nose and tearing at her red-rimmed eyes is just breaking my heart. This all started Tuesday, and now we're at Friday folks.

Here's the good part about it all... the cold weather has finally escaped us. I have no idea how you dear people who have cold winters handle yourselves! I mean, we've hit low 40's & upper 30's this week, and I've been so stir crazy!! We definitely don't have the clothing for true winters, so perhaps if we did we wouldn't be whining about the cold. But hey, it's back in the 60's today and I'm beside myself with gratitude for the change.

The cold and sickness didn't keep us from getting out and about a little. We had our fair share of walks and drives- yes, I said drives! My parents were on a mini vacation and they let me borrow their car while they're out. It's opens up doors I forgot existed! We drove to the top of hills in the city just to take pictures on this beautiful day "because we can." The girls were giggling in the backseat when I'd pull over, snap a shot, and get back in. We sang "here we go go go go- on an adventure..." (the cat in the hat reference) the whole time. None of us are used to getting from here to there in a matter of minutes, so we kept going to there to there to there. Driving can be very therapeutic when you have no direction and no agenda and you basically have to stay away from people so as not to spread additional germs.

We visited cute little shops and found macaron shaped erasers that made me wish I used pencils on the regular. I couldn't justify that purchase, but I was very (as in waaayyyy too) excited to finally pick up a 2013 calendar that I absolutely LOVE. There's just something about pens to paper that I can't quit, no matter how technology progresses.

To be honest though, all in all, we spent the week in survival mode. At this point we feel basically like we're warriors who fought a hard battle and are coming up on top with (relatively) high morale, and (relatively) good attitudes. To say I'm glad for the weekend is a very big understatement. I love love love having my husband home and there for me.

Lastly, I put up a fancy little post about bibs on The Honest Company blog that I'd love you to head over and see (and give a little love if you'd like)!

Happy Weekend!