Life & Links / by Katie Brightbill

Sometimes you just need a little adventure in your life. I definitely do. Last Saturday, we woke up and went on a city adventure... the kind without bugs or camping or anything. Just a hike up and down hills to beautiful spot in the city so your kids can burn crazy amounts of energy and have the sweetest, longest naps ever. Makes me want to adventure more often!

I didn't take as many pics as usual this week. I think I may have overdone the whole camera thing last weekend, so during the week it stayed home resting. Sophie created art, Maggie created messes and laughter, and I managed to keep the fam clothed and fed. It's a really good stage that we're in when we play hard all day and crash in the evenings. Doing things with our whole hearts. I love how kids teach me every single day.

Hope you get a chance to rest and enjoy this weekend! Ahhhh that weekend! I have so much love for the weekend.

Links for you:

* I love huevos rancheros, and now I'm wanting to try this unconventional recipe! Looks gorgeous and tasty... and even- dare I say- healthy?
* Sometimes stores just don't have the legging variety I want for my kids... these girls brilliantly crafted five-minute $5 legging varieties that I can't wait to make (with my mother's help, of course. I don't sew).
* Four little hairstyles I love for little girls... (I wrote the post, so maybe I'm biased) on the Honest blog today.
* God is good. I am in love with this beautifully written post (that kind of makes me want to cry too).
* I also kind of love this post because I've had so many similar days and I like the celebrated sweetness of simple days with kiddos.