Life, just Life / by Katie Brightbill

Another Friday is here and I'm pleased to say: we're back in sweet routine. No more mad dashes all over the bay area to pick up this or that or attend this or that. Perhaps around March, I'll be ready for more chaos, but for now I'm enjoying the normalcy of day-to-day.


For Maggie, normal is: biting her crib, playing with {the most amazing hand-crafted!!} dollhouse {made by my dad- YES, I'm proud, and YES, I'll post about it}, emptying cabinets, and doing/breaking a few dishes. Today, she did her first solo performance atop a laundry basket with dance moves and songs (she can't talk, but she can sing!), and I realize that she's truly a toddler. It's okay, I still call her affectionately "Baby Maggie." I may do so forever.


Meanwhile, Sophie's motto these days is "go bold or go home," or maybe "be passionate every single moment of the day" or "keep your mama guessing whether she should laugh or cry at any given moment."

All good things, of course...


We are not in want of additional entertainment. These girls will liven up any conversation and make anyone laugh. We have an abundance of laughter.

I am, however, in need of a long hot shower and a nap! :)

Happy Weekend,