Baby Gifts ($15 and under) / by Katie Brightbill

Clockwise from top left:

When friends have new babies, I love bringing a little something to the hospital or to their house when I come meet their brand new little ones. Since generally I've already gifted something off their registries from their showers, it's nice to have a few little options of things that any new baby would like to get that won't break the bank! Here's why I love them:

I always needed more socks than I had-- half of them disappeared!
Mittens are perfect for preventing the little scratches on baby faces.
My babies loved bath ducks right away, and I'm a fan of the BPA-free type...
...and speaking of baths, the best smelling shampoo is the Honest one- hands down!
Their bottle is also safer for babies than an average bottle.
Baby booties are fantastic and adorable, and my babies wore theirs constantly because they tie and stay on!
Hey, they now make pacifiers that are glow-in-the-dark and that makes amazing sense when you think about it... I've spent many nights searching under cribs for pacifiers.
I love toys that are pretty and safe and FUN, and so do babies.

Have fun!!