A Smoothie a Day... / by Katie Brightbill


I've heard it's hard to get kids to eat veggies sometimes. In my house, it's harder to get my husband to eat veggies than it is my kids. He definitely thinks it's crazy when he hears Sophie request "more peas, please."

We all have our issues though, and ours is that one of my kiddos needs her digestion helped along the way... we've tried totally removing dairy, carbs, etc... but the thing that really and truly works is our new strategy: smoothies. A friend told me it gets things going, and she was so right! Smoothies are my favorite way to get all the nutrition into my children regularly. I absolutely love having no hassels to get my kids to eat more; they can just drink all they need! A good friend never used his magic bullet, so we were the lucky recipients. It makes things insanely simple. We grab whatever fruit (I keep frozen berries always) and veggies in the house, drop them in the blender, add some pear juice (or milk if your kids are fine with dairy!), and blend! The proportions are entirely up to you, but if it's not blending well, you need to add more liquid.

Our favorite mixes: 

1. Frozen strawberries, pineapple chunks, pear juice (above... popular bc it's pink!)

2. Frozen blueberries, banana, milk

3. Frozen strawberries, spinach, pear juice (below)

4. Frozen strawberries, spinach, banana and pear juice (my favorite!)

Blend away! You won't regret it. :)