Stocking Stuffers: Baby / by Katie Brightbill


1. Giraffe Push Toy. || 2. Fish Castanet. || 3. Fork & Spoon Set4. Orange Striped Booties. || 5. Polka Dot Bib. || 6. Oliver Mouse

Stocking stuffers are my favorite! Confession: we only fill stockings for our kids. We refrain from purchasing big toys and wrapping them. We figure that family and friends give so many wonderful gifts and our kids don't really need more big toys. I remember as a kid tiptoeing downstairs to check whether our stockings were full yet... it was thrilling! A friend of our family was kind enough to knit beautiful stockings for us, and they're large enough to actually fit a good amount of mini toys and necessities for our little ones!

Bottom line is that I L-O-V-E stockings. These are the adorable picks I'd make for a little baby, and I'll have my picks for boys and girls up later in the day... you'll have to just keep checking back! :)