Quick DIY: Mini Place Cards & Notebooks / by Katie Brightbill

I'm a pretty big fan of making little kids feel like a holiday meal is special for them too. Just because they can't read doesn't mean they shouldn't have a place card with their name on it. Just because they may be four years old doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to actually participate in creating the place setting with you. 

Here's a simple little way to involve the kiddos when you're setting the table for Christmas (or any little party, really): First, grab a little stack of index cards. For each child, fold the card in half and write their name in block letters. Have your kids color the letters with their own crayons or colored pencils. Together, tie colorful string around the top and tie. Perfect! Now you've made place cards together! How long did that take? Umm, I think about five minutes flat. 

Next, grab three more index cards and fold them in half together. Punch two holes on the side of the seams. 

Take some scrap ribbon in an assortment of type and textures- or the same if you prefer cohesive looks- and pull them through the holes and knot!

Set a little cup of crayons in the middle of the table, and every kid has a little something to pass the time while adults get their chit chat on! The full table setting will be up on the Honest blog later in the week, so check back for a link soon!