Gift Guide: Under $25 / by Katie Brightbill

Everything on today's guide is from Target. Everything is $25 and under. You guys, I'm like a Target superfan. I go in to buy a little toothpaste and come out two hours later with a cart full of goodness. They have so many things I really really "need." I know some of you are the same...

When it comes to gifting, Target is- in my humble opinion- a one stop shop. I mean, you'll probably want to refrain from going on any weekend day in December, but if you can outsmart the crowds, it's really one of those places that you can find anything for any age. ALSO, it's the perfect place for finding gifts on a budget... which obviously is crucial.

Target has two GREAT programs running right now for kids (you know we love kids here!) that you'll want to take advantage of:

  • Your kids can make their own digital wish lists for Christmas gifts, then email them right over to your family & friends to make things simple!
  • Avoid those crowds and get free shipping on any of the Top 20 Toys at Target.

Shop away!