Finishing 2012 / by Katie Brightbill


The last day of 2012.

I always have high hopes of creating beautiful lists and resolutions that are reasonable enough for follow-through, but too often, the holiday season is rushed and chaotic and I find myself on January 1st- thoroughly swamped and bombarded with to-do's... and I never get back to retrospection and evaluations of the previous year.

This year I've had a little time to think through things. 2012 is really a year that has made me incredibly grateful. It's been GOOD. Not perfect... there have been lots of ups and downs- especially some downs lately, but it's a year of growth and learning... and the realization that turning 30 is not the demise of my youth after all.

The year started with a move to our current home, so this point last year was full of blank walls & floors, and piles of boxes to unpack. My dear husband had an excess of work for the first six months, and I realized that I am capable (with God's help) of managing two children from 7a-7:30p on my own four days per week after all. Some may think that's cake {wives of coaches and investment bankers, I'm talking to you...}, and others may think that's insane, but for me- it felt like an accomplishment. While I hope not to repeat such full days absent of my husband, I definitely took far more advantage of the minutes and hours he was home and I learned to adjust my mentality to be grateful, rather than bitter about the time alone.

The parenting aspect of life has adjusted itself remarkably in '12 as well. I spent the first months of the year nursing Maggie & hoping that Sophie didn't get into mischief as she snuck out of the room to explore while I was "locked down." These days, I can trust Sophie enough to keep an eye on M as I run downstairs to do laundry. It's incredible what progress children make in just a few months time! They've also become such bonded little friends. I'll catch Sophie leaning over to kiss Maggie's head just because, and Maggie shrieks with joy when Sophie wakes up & comes in the room.... their camaraderie  and affections just melt me!

There are days I would like to forget in 2012, but I know for a fact that I will look back on this year with a satisfaction and appreciation. It was good. I'm reluctant to say goodbye to it; in fact, because there will be ever so many beautiful memories to recall from these days. That said... I've heard the best is yet to come, so I refuse to live in the past... I have resolutions this year, and I plan to keep them.

  • Give More. Such a general statement, but to make it tangible, my goal is to have one intentional activity to give to other people monthly... things like making a meal for a friend in need, giving to homeless, getting toys for children without- that sort of thing. 
  • Be Joyful. Things aren't going to be perfect next year. There will be ups and downs, but I resolve to approach my days with joyful gratefulness. God has given us so much, these days of my kids being little are so short, and I plan to smile and be bright & grateful as much as possible through them. 
  • Follow-Through. In '12, I followed through with a diet for the first time ever (those pesky last 5 lbs of pregnancy weight were finally shed!), and I managed to blog daily for 4.5 months after starting a blog a year and quitting after a month or two. These things were done primarily because my husband lovingly pointed out that I've been the type to start things and don't really follow through... not a good trait! I love the accomplished feeling from "finishing," so my tangible goal is to follow through blogging every weekday the entire year of 2013. Hopefully you'll be reading! :) 

There you have them. Resolutions!