This Week: In Real Life / by Katie Brightbill

We are going to start sharing some real life pictures and commentary on Fridays. A "series" if you will. We take pictures on our phone all week of every last thing we do, and Fridays will be time to share them. If you follow me on instagram, I'm sure some of these will be familiar. Here goes:

1. We have a shared backyard and we never really take advantage of it like we should. Really, the times we've spent back there have been me holding M to avoid her crawling on cement and eating every leaf or rock she sees... yesterday we went back there for the first time in ages and it was blissful. S climbed trees and M collected apples that had fallen. They're both old enough to enjoy it, and I don't have to break my back holding a wiggly baby anymore (kind of makes me sad too, because my wiggly baby is becoming such a big girl now, too)! 

2. I took this picture from a car with my phone and I could not be happier with the way {instagram helped} it turned out. It epitomizes what I love about mornings in San Francisco... the quiet, calm rumblings of cable cars (and the charming dings), deep fog wrapped around beautiful buildings, and the ups and downs, ahhh.

3. I ate a Bob's donut this week. And once again, I wondered why we didn't move closer to Bob's donuts because they may not look like much, but the way they melt in your mouth, ohhh, so good. They may have made me a donut critic actually, because other donuts don't compare since my first from Bob's. Donuts are a serious weakness of mine. Turning them down is ... well actually, it doesn't happen. I don't turn down a donut. See? I told you Fridays are for real life.

4. This is one of those shots I took that didn't work at all-- blurry, face covered etc-- but then I looked at it and it really worked perfectly. I can't stop going through my phone pictures and looking at this one. It's one of the good ones that captures a really joyful moment in life. She thought she was hilarious when she put the oversized glasses on, and she couldn't keep them on and couldn't stop laughing. It's a keeper.

5. Here's a picture of Brian and me. I have green wings (didn't you know?) and Brian walks on one orange leg. LOVE the art of a child. Can't get enough. I need to get really focused and actually make a book of their drawings... one of those things I say like a broken record and may one day do (doubtful!)...

6. The last thing that happened this week is that Maggie turned 15. No but seriously, doesn't she look so grown-up? Like she's actually impatiently waiting for a tardy bus to take her somewhere important? Good news is that those jeggings she's wearing say 6-9 months and she's not getting more than about 10 steps without little tumbles. She's still my baby.

So there you have it. A week in the life of Kate.

Here are some links to things I've loved online this week:

1. Sweet Fine Day created the most gorgeous NYC calendar to sell and raise funds for hurricane relief. Beautiful in more ways than one.

2. Speaking of donuts, Rachel from Elephantine shared with Joanna from A Cup of Jo how to make lemon ricotta donuts. They look amazing. Anyone who is the baking type should definitely try.

3. You Are My Fave had a guest post by Barbara Rucci that is A Color Study craft. This one is for kids or adults and yields beautiful results. My little artists would love this one, and I would love to hang their colorful pictures in their room!

Happy Weekend!