Sophie Style: Denim, Cable & Dots / by Katie Brightbill

I love a good denim vest. The kind with no bells and whistles, just a basic vest to add a little something different to a simple outfit. I could not find one anywhere for Sophie... so I took scissors to the sleeves of an oversized jean jacket that was on clearance. I think it turned out pretty good!

We paired the "new" vest with my favorite sweater in the world-- the one I wish I had in my closet. It's perfectly oversized, cable, cream, and soft... So so soft and currently on sale (special thanks to Gap for making that one)!
Her leggings are J.Crew, her boots are from Target circa 2010-- they are beat-up, but holding strong-- and her sass she inherited from her dad... Thankfully she also got his good looks. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!! It's my favorite holiday of all!


A very special thanks to the lovely Kristy for being a brilliant photographer.