Real Life / by Katie Brightbill

This week was pretty great in real life.

We spent the holidays with my husband's family in Pennsylvania, which was festive and relaxing and cold. My husband and I had to fly back separately because of flight/miles restrictions, so he took Maggie with him and I kept Sophie an extra two days. The girls have never been separated that long, so I was a little nervous about the whole thing. It ended up being amazing for both girls to have a little one-on-one time. Both just seemed to bask in their own extra attention and we realized that maybe we should get little dates with each more often!

So here are some highlights:

Sophie & I woke up to snow our last full day in Pennsylvania, aka her last full day of being three. It was the perfect way to say goodbye to our best year together yet. Seriously, three years old is such a sweet time of life. I'm excited about four because I hear it only gets better, but I can't imagine that being possible. We had a good time outside in the freezing cold throwing snow around and running to make footprints everywhere.

We also went and grabbed some Blue Bottle Coffee (ahh, I LOVE it) in this perfect little cafe in P.A. called The Baker's Table. It opened recently and it is such the right mix of classic and modern decor, and they serve some of the best baked goods around... and I repeat: Blue Bottle coffee; need I say more? If you're in the area, get over there!

Got home to rain and storms. I don't mind rain so much, actually. We have a cozy home with a nice heater, and we can go outside in our rain boots with umbrellas, so it's not so bad. My husband's cousin is staying with us, so today we got our "tourist" on and stopped at Boudin's for clam chowder in a bread bowl. I will use any excuse to stop there. I've tried making the same thing with the same ingredients at home, but Boudin's makes it best 100% of the time.

They also make bread in the shape of animals, which is a hit with the little ones.

Also a big deal with the kiddos is the Christmas setup. We ate soup and admired the giant plush animals and Christmas lights. They insisted we sit as close as we possibly could to them. And oh gosh, I can't get enough of winter hats on little kids. Puff balls on the top? Little rosy cheeks and cozy ears? So much cuteness.

Sophie jumped in every puddle on our walk to the bus stop, so she looked like she had fallen in a swimming pool. She was fine with that because she had her "brella" and that's all she needed.

So to sum it all up, it was a wintery blissful & chaotic week, and we're beyond happy it's almost the weekend!