Real Life, Episode 3 / by Katie Brightbill

Ahh you thought I wouldn't get my post in before the day ended, but here I am! In slow-motion vacation mode! I love Thanksgiving week. It wins for best all-around holiday weekend for me. I love that it makes for a definite 4-day weekend, and when it's over, we still have plenty to look forward to.

Today we shopped a little. I always go shop on Black Friday, but rarely spend much. My theory is that stores mark up to full price anything so they have wiggle room to mark "way down." I have better luck hitting regular clearance. That said, I absolutely love the vibe while being out and about. People-watching at its finest!

So here's the rest of the week in review:

We're loving ourself some brisk cold weather over here in the east. Maggie is in bliss mode because jackets are her favorite thing in the world. This whole thing with jackets started about two weeks ago... (Well earlier, but before it was only with jean jackets): she sees a jacket and wants to put it on immediately. She picks it up and brings it to the nearest adult and starts making yell noises until they help her put it on. When she gets in carseats or sits to eat dinner, jackets come off and crying begins. It's so crazy! This age is hilarious.

Sophie did some baking with my mother-in-law for Thanksgiving. She seriously helped! She rolled the dough, pinched the pie crust and basted the turkey. Maybe she can teach me her kitchen skills. :) The girls got chef hats as early Christmas gifts too, so those have been worn plenty.
Mornings have been frosty around here... And gorgeous.

Maggie got the pigtail treatment for Thanksgiving, which is always a hit with everyone (except her)!
My little sunshine kid.
S absolutely loves doing silly pictures. We had a little "photo booth" session the other day... She's green, I'm blue. So fun!

Vacations are amazing. Nobody has to leave for work, kids get tons of attention, and we get a break for the norm, so we get refreshed... Hope you enjoyed your week as much as we did!