Let's Fly Away / by Katie Brightbill

I have a serious love-hate with holiday travel.

I love the anticipation. We arrive at the airport, have secret thoughts about how inefficient other travelers without children really are, and make it a little bit of a contest to get through the security checkpoints faster than anyone else to prove parents are just as good as anyone else (did I just admit that?). Once we survive that, we immediately go for the Peet's coffee stand because making it through the said lines mean that we've now switched to "travel budget," and specialty coffees are always in the travel budget. From there, we face minor regrets as we have to now sip our coffees and hold the babies and carry-ons and fold the stroller...

Then comes the hate: The Airplane. Enough said. My stomach is in knots as I type and think about children+planes.

Back to love: it always ends up worth it to see loved ones that don't get to watch the kids grow on a daily/weekly basis, and we're always happy we came.

Today I've assembled a little board of favorites for traveling, in case you're in the mood to treat yourself before you board a plane this year... or if you'd like to reward yourself in advance for traveling with small children!

I WAS HERE book. Jewelry Roll. Laptop Case. Passport Holder. Duffel. Luggage Tag.

Can you believe we're only a little more than a week away from Thanksgiving? Ahhh can I please press a pause button here?