Growing Up / by Katie Brightbill

Sometimes when I look at my Sophie, I get a little glimpse into our future... see photo above...

It's terrifying. 
How did my baby get so big so fast? She's having actual long conversations with me these days. She'll say to me "let's turn on the jams (music)," and refuse candy from my sister because she has plenty at home and I sit there next to her, listening to her being mature, and I'm completely baffled at how she has become such a big kid...

Then she says, "okay, I'm going to walk the dog with Sally," - that is- imaginary friend Sally, and her imaginary dog- and I breathe a sigh of relief that she truly is still my baby. 

*side note: I've heard only genius children tend to have imaginary friends, so I'm totally okay with this whole deal.  

I love her. I love that smile and even that sass. And I'm so so glad she's still in her 3's and she still thinks I'm smart and I know everything because I'm her mama, and that I get to spend every day with my two little girls that I couldn't love more.

Sweater, Scarf (similar), Leggings, Shoes

All photos taken by the lovely Kristy from Volatile Photography