Gift Guide: Wardrobe / by Katie Brightbill

We're thrilled to begin our weekly gift-guide series for every Tuesday leading up to Christmas! We've decided to sort our gift suggestions based on types of gifts. We love style, so we're starting with clothing suggestions for the nearest and dearest little ones in your life. Be sure to take advantage of all those lovely coupons being mailed and emailed your way, and get shopping!

First up: babies! They love to stay warm and cozy, so one-pieces, leggings, and onesies are our favorites. As they grow, they also become very active, and need clothes conducive to an active life. Here are our picks:

Bright color and soft comfort are the themes for the preschool kids. Boys tend to be happy with jeans and comfortable shirts. From my experience, girls prefer leggings, skirts, and a little does of dress-up. If you're going with clothes for preschoolers 4 and older, you may want to top the gift with an inexpensive little toy or book so you don't get yourself the "boring gifter" reputation (speaking from personal experience)!

There are also plenty of festivities and celebrations to attend during the holiday season, so here are some suggestions to have your children looking fancy-fresh:

Gingham Tunic, Cashmere Stripes, Red Dress, Checked Shirt, Navy Silver Striped, Red Sweater.

We'll be bringing more gift ideas through the next five weeks, so feel free to drop by whenever you'd like a little gifting inspiration in your life.