DIY Paint Chip Art / by Katie Brightbill

I am so lucky that I have amazingly creative and talented friends. I saw this DIY made by one of my favorite friends, and I asked her to share her brilliance with you today! Maybe you can try something similar this weekend! Happy Friday! XO, KATE. 

Here's an easy way to make something spectacular for your walls - paint-chip punch-out art!

You need: paint chips, a hole punch, a glue stick, a large piece of heavy weight paper, and lots of patience! I made a picture of mommy and baby giraffe for my daughter's nursery.


1. Start by punching out a whole bunch of paint chips in the shades you want. My suggestion is to pick two complimentary colors (in my case coral + grey) and punch from the spectrum of lighter/darker colors around each one -- this way you get some great gradation in your artwork. To keep it simple, use one color for the main graphic, and the other color for your background.

2. Once you have enough punched, start moving the pieces around to form the graphic you want. If you don't have a design in mind, find a picture online and trace the outlines onto your paper to give you some guidance.

3. When you have the main graphic looking like you want, glue each little dot (this is the tedious part. Do it while you're watching reruns or something).


4. Now you can move on to the background. I ended up making silhouettes of trees behind the giraffe using shades of grey. Glue away!


5. To tie everything together, scatter a couple little dots in the shade of your main graphic into the background. Here's the final picture:


And here it is in our nursery. I think it turned out really great, and my daughter really loves staring at the dots, so I think she likes it too!


Good luck!


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