Crepe Paper Headband / by Katie Brightbill

I'm on a little streak of making basic headbands for the girls. Sometimes I just get bored of the same clips or bands in their hair all the time, and I like a little variety. Bright color always perks up an outfit. Sophie particularly likes this one and she's been wearing it around all week, which makes me happy.

Supplies: Crepe paper cut to about one inch width, a basic plastic headband, a ribbon, and hot glue/gun.

Here's the how-to:
1. Fold your crepe paper strip lengthwise a few times and pinch it in your fingers.
2. Snip the edges toward the center. Be careful not to make your cuts too deep.
3. Repeat on the opposite edge, making sure you don't snip all the way through.
4. Unfold and use your hot glue gun to glue the intact center of the strip to the headband.
5. Hot glue a small ribbon wrapped around the ends of the band to make it more comfortable when worn.
6. Voila! You're finished. Let it dry and hope your little girl loves hers as much as mine does!