Colored Stick Letters / by Katie Brightbill

I was at Anthropologie the other day, and I saw the cutest yarn-covered stick letters. They're seriously perfect for the holidays. You can hang initials next to each stocking to be sure to know whose is whose, you can make them a gift topper, or you can hang them on the tree for ornaments...

What did I do instead of spending $8 per on perfection? I got crafty. My crafty efforts are clearly not perfect, but Sophie and I made them with love...

If you want to try for yourself,
You Need:
- Sticks
- Hot Glue Gun
- String... though yarn would have been much better because it's thicker.

- Cut sticks in the sizes of your letters.
- Hot glue the sticks together to form your letters and hold until the glue dries.
- Tie a knot around to begin your stringing.
- Wind your string all the way down your stick.
- Glue the end and cover with string.
- Your perfectly imperfect stick letter is done!

I thought this would be a great craft for Sophie, but bottom line- she wasn't interested! She did her stick, but she kept begging me to paint instead, so maybe you'll have more luck with your little ones. I'm excited about using them on gift boxes, so I was okay being left to do them alone (they're really quick!), but if the goal is to get your kiddo crafting, maybe try painting the sticks instead. :)

Also, you can cover just portions of the stick, rather than the entire stick. It's kind of fun to have a little of the rustic look combined with the color! Also, the pictures make these look big, but they're actually only about three inches tall.