Bright Little Baby Brunch / by Katie Brightbill


This weekend I hosted my one and only beautiful sister's baby shower at my home. Her little girl is due in four short (translated: seems-like-forever-till-she'll-be-here) weeks and I am beyond thrilled. We had a small brunch with dear friends and showered her with little gifts that made us all say way more "awww" and "so cute"s than I care to admit. There is nothing like seeing tiny onesies and pj's with ruffles on the bottom... it melts me. Baby fever! 


This was the first official sit-down meal party I've hosted, and I had a lot of fun being crafty and decorating. The fringe was inspired by Oh Happy Day (I only had the skinny crepe paper, so I did mini fringes) and it's the simplest thing in the world to do but makes a great impact in the room. 

The menu is something I recommend for any brunch because it was delicious AND simple. I'm the type that cooks because I have to, not because I love it, so my dear friends were kind enough to make a gorgeous brownie cake from scratch, a beautiful salad, and an egg frittata. Fancy cheeses, grapes, french bread, fresh berries, and a cheesecake were my contributions. 


The best part was enjoying laughs and joy with dear friends to celebrate my best friend. We are so excited to meet my niece... so, so excited.



Ps. Pretty Ruffle Table Runner by Rufflewood. More photos on