Sophie Style / by Katie Brightbill

High ponytail, lacy tee, pink leggings, sparkle shoes, and Maggie's jean jacket... wait what? Yes, Sophie fits a jean jacket that's for 12-18 month babies. So does Maggie since she actually IS in that size range. They're sharing clothes already and I LOVE it. Sophie actually owns the 4T one, but it's pretty big on her. I like jean jackets when they're a size or two (or five) smaller than they're supposed to be. They fit more snug and look a little cropped. For some reason when the arms are full length, Sophie won't let me roll them, but if they're half of her arm she is fine rolling them a little extra. Go figure! It makes sense to her somehow. The best part about this outfit is that the cost is about $25 altogether for the pants, shirt and jacket. Carters and Target at their best! I love when good deals can also translate into good little play outfits.

Photo credit goes to Pictilio. We love them.