Sentimental Monday / by Katie Brightbill

Sometimes I kiss little Maggie and start to get sappy.

Before she came on the scene I was so apprehensive about it. Another little girl? How could I ever love another child the way I love my firstborn? Impossible.

Then she was born. And I did. I loved another little teeny tiny face just as much as her sister's. I was flooded with guilty feelings for Sophie... My attention for her was cut so drastically now that I had a newborn. Sophie was suddenly a big girl. How could I possibly show them both how dearly they are loved?

Today, I remembered those days... I remembered the vulnerable mother of two I was. I was so emotionally delicate and chemically imbalanced and every little thing in life just looked so BIG.

Then I smiled with such sweet relief to be where I am today. Maggie turned one in August and the girls are really starting to become best friends. They adore one another, they tackle each other, they swat and push and sometimes cry, but they LOVE. And I get to watch, and be a part, and feel no more guilt. I just get to enjoy it. It's a beautiful gift to have a sibling and I'm just so grateful about it today.