Organized Traveler / by Katie Brightbill

I went a little OCD today.

I confess: I'm an organized traveler. I don't want to go anywhere and have clothing all over the floor because we were searching for pj's and didn't have time to be deliberate about it. I want to really have a plan so that whether it's me opening that suitcase, or a family member who hasn't the faintest idea what belongs to whom, it's all very clear...

So this is what I did. I used index cards to label everything. I even post-it noted what shoes go with the church clothes on the other side of the card. I went crazy OCD...

In my defense, my mom took my girls for a nice walk today, so I had spare time on my hands. So this is what would happen if I didn't have children or a job. Thank goodness I have children rather than spare time.

When it's all said and done, I'm perfectly happy being the crazy girl with the meticulous packing habits. I'm also perfectly content with the fact that I don't generally have time to have any semblance of my former organized self, because it means my time is being filled instead with noise and laughter and happy MESS.