In the City: Palace of Fine Arts / by Katie Brightbill

It's Monday, which means we have a late post for you. I love to stay off technology as much as possible on the weekends, so I can enjoy family and relax. Sometimes the old-school way is just refreshing.

Today, the girls and I spent most of our morning outside. We visited the Palace of Fine Arts... also known as my favorite landmark in the city. We used to live three blocks away and could see it from our windows. Sophie and I would do our laundry together at a laundromat, then walk to get coffee and a pastry or bagel, move the laundry, then spend an hour at the Palace while our laundry dried. We did not want to ever leave that apartment in that amazing location, but we realized that four of us living in a one-bedroom apartment (Sophie's room was technically a "closet") was only really fun for a short time... oh, and doing laundry at a laundromat is only charming for a short time as well.

It's not so close to us anymore, but today seemed like the perfect day to get over there. It's my favorite in the morning. It's so empty and gorgeous and fresh, with morning shadows cast on the water. This morning we even saw some ducks sleeping! I don't know if I've ever seen that in all our visits there. Maybe I just wasn't paying any attention? Sophie couldn't get enough of staring at them. We love searching the water for turtles and looking for different types of ducks and swans. 

On another note, yes, it is time for Sophie to switch to the next size up. This dress is much shorter on her than I realized. :) They grow SO fast!! Maggie was there with us too, but she wasn't interested in being photographed this morning. All she really wanted were the crackers and cheese I brought.