Great Baby Gifts / by Katie Brightbill

My neighbors had a baby last week, and it gave me a tiny bit of baby fever (not too much, mind you!). I'm not sure I'll ever tire of scouting out new baby gifts and fun teeny, tiny baby clothes! There are some things that are actually as cute as they are good, quality products. I thought it'd be fun to give you ideas for the next time you need baby gifts! 

1. Lifefactory Glass Bottles: I LOVE the look of these bottles. I actually used plastic for both my girls, but if one day we decide to have another baby, I'll invest in a couple of these instead. They're glass, but safely covered with a silicone sleeve for protection. I only needed two bottles for each of my babies at my house, really. The more you have, the easier I think it is to lose them!

2. Petit Collage Mobile: The deluxe bamboo is so delicate, yet durable. Maggie loves her elephant version floating above her, and they're neutral enough to use for boys and girls' rooms.

3. Haba Max Clutching Toy: Adorable, easy to tie to the strollers, and safe for chewing! All equal one great first little toy for babies.

4. Aden and Anais Swaddles: Amazing. I can't say enough good about these. I got one from a neighborhood baby store where they sold them separately, and I used it every day with Maggie. When it needed to be washed, it meant an immediate trip to the laundromat because it was absolutely essential her first three months of life. Maggie's preference was for the classic muslin version (zebras!), but all are cozy and breathable... and beautiful, of course.

5. Favorite Organic Booties: Both my babies used booties in this shape with ties more than any other shoes or socks their first couple months. I like these basic grey stripes because they'd go with nearly everything, boy or girl. The ones we had were great too- they were hand knit light pink. Booties are the way to go because you can tie them and they actually stay on.