Funny Little Bracelets / by Katie Brightbill

Kids should look like kids. They don't take themselves too seriously. They wear every color, they spill (a lot) and don't mind, and they love to collect sticks and rocks and leaves and bring them inside (along with little bugs!), and they are just so FUN.

We did a little craft that I think epitomizes the way little girls think. We mixed beads and puffs and bows and made some fun little bracelets. Sophie LOVES hers. It's perfectly imperfect.


By the way, anytime I'm about to get rid of old jewelry, I look at the beads and see if they may work for a possible future craft. It saves me from having to buy beads in the future (which can be pricey!) and they're easily stored in recycled jam jars! 

Basic How-To:

- Thread your stretchy cord through a large needle.
- Pull to even and tie a knot at the end.
- Start threading beads or puffs or bows on your cord
- When it's the size of your little ones' wrist, cut and double knot!

Simplest fun.