Cozy October / by Katie Brightbill

October has arrived, whether weather reports say so or not! The good news is that no matter how hot the heat wave, the leaves ARE on the ground, and the pumpkin spice lattes ARE still available (you just may prefer to get them iced if you're in California this week).

One of my favorite fall trends this year are the vests. How easy it is to spruce up an otherwise VERY plain look with a chic little vest... and more importantly, how easy it is to make a child who is a little cold a bit warmer ! I love the denim and the green cargo style vests too, but my ideal right now is the fur. :)

Thanks to Pictilio for doing amazing things with a camera.


Zara Vest, Target Tank, J.Crew Skirt, Target Boots, Homemade Necklace