Costume Inspiration: Little Artist / by Katie Brightbill

I'm going to be straight with you: I'm not really into spending $$$ on Halloween costumes. I LOVE to have my girls dressed in fun little costumes, but to spend tons on something that they'd wear once or twice isn't my style. I prefer to be creative with costumes and use what I have around the house!

I wrote about some ideas we've had for costumes on the Honest blog today, and would love if you'd head over there to take a look and (hopefully) be inspired! We'll have more last-minute costume ideas for you here in the next couple weeks. Oh, and to make this little artist costume for your kiddo:

A tee or tank
An old dishtowel you don't mind ruining
A ribbon long enough to wrap around their waist and tie
A hat (or if you have a scarf, that works great too... just tie it on the top of their head to make them look extra artsy)
Have them hold their paintbrush and paints to truly get that painter look

Take an old dishtowel and paint with your little one, all over in different colors. Let it dry. Have your little one hold it up to their tummy and wrap a ribbon snug around their belly and tie a bow. I actually hot glued the ribbon to her towel for a little extra hold, and then tied the remaining ribbon in a bow. Add a hat and you're good to go!
(honestly, so simple I'm wondering why I gave official directions... you're probably wondering the same!)

PS. Anyone else OVER this warm weather? Shorts and tanks just is not my style. Let's get back to the scarves and tights and fires in the fireplace season, mmmkay? Whatever the weather near you, have fun this weekend!!