Today's Agenda / by Katie Brightbill


Sometimes I have a little love for Mondays. Strange to confess, I know, but sometimes I enjoy the thought of having a day to clean laundry and make and eat dinner at home. I'm not going to lie, today I actually got out of the shower and looked through my drawers for some jeans... then opted for pj's. It's one of those little luxuries of being a stay-at-home mom. The fall chill is in the air, the girls are happy to be home playing with toys, and all is well.

What have we been doing, you ask? We had birthday extravaganza for my husband this weekend! He turned 30 and three of his favorite college friends flew into town to hang with him for boy's weekend. He was in total shock... we don't see him speechless much, but this was one of those moments. He took them to his favorite spots, watched  USC lose to Stanford (!!), and ate a lot. The girls and I got to spend quality time with their gramma & papa and hear the highlights.

We also had a little outdoor picnic brunch  party for him. We generally do nice dinners with a few friends for birthdays, so it was kind of perfect to switch it up this year and spend time outside with really good friends and eat brunch. Do you guys play cornhole? So fun! I totally recommend it.

Hope you get some rest this Monday!! (I know, that sounds all wrong).