Quick Tip: Permanent Marker / by Katie Brightbill

I came across this picture today and realized I need to share this quick tip for you.

Here's the story: one day, when my darling Sophie was supposed to be sleeping, she was actually spending quality time being artistic in my bathroom. She wrote on EVERYTHING in there with permanent marker. Seriously? I looked around and - apart from being a little tiny bit proud that she could almost properly spell her name on our sink when she had just turned 3 - my heart was sinking. I was adding $$ for every appliance we would need to replace for our landlord and thinking we should probably stay her forever until we replace them all one by one. Seriously, by "she wrote on everything" I mean it: walls, the sink, the toilet, the rug... apparently she's detail oriented.

Here's the good news... that day, I figured out the secret trick: nail polish remover!!! Don't forget it. I guess it's the alcohol and chemical content in there... it wiped off everything as if it was a dry erase board. Obviously be sure your children are way out of range, and open some windows in there-- That stuff smells toxic! But guess what? We didn't have to replace a single appliance or even pay like $10 for a magic eraser which may or may not have done the trick.

If you have children who are not perfect, you'll thank me for this one day.


*Side note: beware of nail polish remover being mixed with wood. It took the finish right off our coffee table when I spilled a little one day. You win some, you lose some. :)