Make Lemonade / by Katie Brightbill

How hard is it to get back to real life after a holiday weekend?? My weekend was SO ideal in L.A. with my little family and friends, so I'm definitely needing a pick-me-up today. The saying goes "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade..." While I wouldn't call today a "lemon," per say, getting back in the groove may be a bit simpler with a little fresh, homemade lemonade!

I never knew how simple it would be to make. My in-laws gave me a citrus juicer last year and it makes things a little easier, but really, it's almost just as quick with a hand-held squeezer. If you don't have either of those, just buy a few extra lemons and use some extra strength. VERY simple, I tell you. Get as much juice from each lemon as you can into a pitcher - you don't need much - add water, add sugar (you DO need plenty of sugar), then taste. Add or subtract as necessary! Perhaps you've noticed by now that I do nothing scientifically according to any recipe... I just make and hope for the best. :)

There's absolutely no need to buy pre-made lemonade when you can squeeze your own!