DIY: Stylish Storage / by Katie Brightbill

Like many other mothers out there, I'm surrounded by toys, books and stuffed animals. Sometimes I just want a stylish storage catch-all, but I don't want the big price tag that accompanies it! I came up with this super-easy DIY storage idea, using supplies I already had in my house. Here's the how-to for you:

Coffee Sack Storage


- Coffee bean sack (I got mine at my neighborhood cafe)

- Hot glue gun & glue

- Rope or cord

- Cardboard box or basket


1. Turn the coffee sack into itself so it's half of its original size. Place a cardboard box inside to create structure.


2. Flip the sack on its side. Create the rectangular bottom by folding corners over and applying hot glue so it stays put.


3. Hold in place until the glue is dry. Repeat on the other side.


4. Set your sack right-side-up and cut two small slits on one side (to become a handle). The slits should be large enough to insert the rope, but small enough for a knot to hold it in place.


5. Tie a knot on one end of your rope, and feed the other end of the rope through one of the slits and back through the other.


6. Tie a knot on the other end and you have your handle! Repeat steps 4- 6 on the other side of the bag.


Aaannnd voila! A stylish little (free to me!) toy basket!

Didn't I tell you it would be simple?