Book Pick: Pat the Bunny / by Katie Brightbill


Pat the Bunny

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I love books. We have cabinets full of children's books and I still feel like we need more supply. The girls would love for me to read books to them all day long! Thank goodness for library cards and a city that doesn't mind if little girls return their books late!

There are a few books that I absolutely LOVE. I always pick them when I'm bringing options to my kiddos. Most recently, Maggie was gifted "Pat the Bunny" when she turned one. It is the most charming little story ever! It was actually copyright in 1940 and just feels like the original. Maggie cannot get enough! My favorite page uses actual sandpaper to depict daddy's scratchy face. Sophie even enjoys "reading" it on her own.

Perhaps everyone already knows about this adorable little treasure of a book, but if you didn't until now, be sure to pick up a copy the next time you're in need of a little gift or you want to surprise your little ones with something new.

* Note: be sure to get the touch and feel version, as opposed to the board book.