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Last year, I really started diving deeper into the blogging world. I'd been a casual writer on my own little family blog for long-distance relatives, and I read a couple blogs regularly, but I had no idea how big of an influence the blogging community was at that point. Last year, I got a twitter account and started "following" creatives whose blogs I read. It was right around the time that those big name bloggers were returning home from Alt Summit 2011 and writing recaps about their experience.

The recaps were amazing! Incredible talent all meeting in one place, hearing inspiration from brilliant people with huge followings, and building friendships and business relationships in one beautifully styled weekend? I wanted to be able to go to the next year's so.very.badly, but I had no blog to call my own; therefore, I had no reason to participate!

We launched this site officially August 6th (a little more than a month ago!) and the tickets were totally sold at that point. We have been posting daily on here since, and have realized how very much we would have benefitted from the Alt Summit this January, but it was too late! Until now... there's an 

Alt Summit ticket giveaway

 in the works over on the Alt blog and I would LOVE to win it. All they ask is that we share our favorite post of theirs on our own blogs!

Tricky request... there are so many good ones on there! I decided today to share this one about how very very important it is to celebrate the successes of other people. What a perfect post! In a world that is so bent "me me me" and "being the best" it is so important to find joy in other people's victories. How bitter life would be if we were cranky whenever someone else did better than us! My dad always told us "there will always be someone better," with regard to our talents; meaning, if we were REALLY great at soccer (we weren't), and the star of a team, there is no need to have a big head about it! There's another star of another team somewhere out there who is better. Why should I be caught up in thinking I'm the only one who is good at something or other? Why be upset that someone is accomplishing their goals faster than I am accomplishing mine? No need.

The Alt Summit Blog is full of little written treasures like this, just waiting to be read. Seriously. For blogging inspiration and business advice check out the new Alt blog. Hop on over and see for yourself!

Be sure to read the full post: How to Celebrate Others' Successes