SF: Farmer's Market / by Katie Brightbill


I'm going to be honest: sometimes my husband and I look at each other and say "lucky us!" Last weekend we had one of those moments. It was 70 degrees and sunny and we took a little trip to one of our favorite weekend spots: the Ferry Building.


We don't get there as much as we should, but every time we go, we're in bliss mode. Free samplings of organic fruit, veggies, cheeses, olive oils around every corner, gorgeous views, and ideal people-watching... does it get much better? Not so much. I was driving my husband nuts by taking a million pictures of fresh produce. "Kate you need another picture of the tomatoes?"... "Yes, yes Brian, I do." I have this great little plan to frame these shots and have a little gallery of pretty food in my dining room. We will see if it actually does get done. :)

Sooo, next time you find yourself near the Ferry Building with free time on a weekend, hop on over there. No regrets. Oh, and if you do-- the must-have is some Blue Bottle coffee-- wait for it-- in ice cream form (not pictured because it was gone wayyy faster than I could pull out my Rebel).


Happy Weekend!