Review: Mimijumi Bottle / by Katie Brightbill



I am exclusively breast feeding my baby boy. It is SO convenient... and so inconvenient at the same time. Cohen has been having maaaajor issues taking a bottle. I am an event designer, and with wedding season in full swing, it's become essential that I get him accustomed to bottles so he's able to eat during my long days at work!

I literally tried at least five different bottles and I was losing all hope... until a friend suggested the Mimijumi bottles. She absolutely swears by them and won't use anything else. At this point, there was nothing to lose but another $15, so I hopped on Amazon and ordered it. Thank you Mimijumi; Cohen was hooked! My hubby and I were able to get away the very same evening and for once we did not have to rush home in the middle of our anniversary date! Ahhh, such a relief!!

Moral of the story: if your baby won't take the bottle you have, learn from my trial and errors, & start by trying Mimijumi.